Test and Inspection

In addition to the complete quality control processes which we implement, Yuanyang Stainless Steel has jointly established a mechanical and metallurgical test center that is qualified as a third party inspection organization with Tongtai Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute. For every batch of raw materials, we conduct sampling inspection and physical and chemical analysis and only accept qualified materials. At the same time, the test center has a specimen storage room and archives room, storing all management control data from order receiving, r-d-and-testing, test and delivery. By doing so, we realize 100% product trace and ensure effective execution, supervision and control from the very beginning, continuously providing high-quality and reliable products and services.

Testing Center

The testing center occupies an area of 600 square meters and is staffed with nine professionals of physics, chemistry and measuring instruments. The testing center is divided into six rooms, including comprehensive laboratories, metrology room, sample room and archives. We own 100 sets of functional and precise testing machines, including Spectro spectrum analyzer, metallographic analyzer and 60-tonage hydraulic tension tester, etc.

  • Advanced testing center
  • Professional laboratories

Sample room
We keep samples of each type of our products in this room for conducting tests. Our workers need sign up and keep records for every time test, ensuring traceability of each sample.

Comprehensive laboratory

This laboratory is outfitted with Brinell hardness tester, Rockwell hardness tester, impact test projector, spectrum sample polishing machine, metallographic sample cutting machine and metallographic sample polishing machine. All these machines and instruments guarantee the final quality of products.

  • Impact test projector
  • Sample testing

As shown in the above picture, the laboratory is equipped with the newly-developed Spectro direct-reading analyzer which provides three wavelength ranges and different analysis zones. The professional adjustment system has an ultra-short stimulation time and can analyze 34 chemical elements in 5 minutes. The analyzer also provides an argon saving mode, which prolongs the lifespan and cuts the cost.

  • Spectrum laboratory
  • Analysis data record

This laboratory introduces infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and high-speed automatic ignition furnace and 4XC metallographic analyzer for studying the internal structure of workpieces. The analyzer is able to do various tests in compliance with GB, ASTM, ISO and other industrial standards.

  • Carbon and sulfur laboratory
  • Metallographic analyzer

Housing various chemical instruments, like DC-3015 electric furnace and low-temperature thermostat bath, this laboratory conducts intergranular corrosion test in GB, ASTM and ISO standards.

  • Intergranular corrosion test
  • Detailed picture of intergranular corrosion

Physical laboratory
Modern testing equipment in this room includes automatic electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic tension tester, impact tester and low-temperature impact test groove.

Tension tester
The tension tester is appropriate for stretching, compressing, bending and cutting metal materials in GB, ASTM and ISO standards.

Impact test
The JB-300B impact tester is applied for testing the impact resistance capacity of metal materials under dynamic loading. The tester provides maximum impact energy of 300 Joule and is designed with a 150 Joule pendulum. The low temperature impact test groove accomplishes impact test at -196℃.


All documents are kept orderly for easy retrieval.
This room saves all manufacture documents and administrative archives for 10 years while military, nuclear and other certain industries for lifetime, guaranteeing 100% information traceability.

Flange Testing

We use Vernier caliper for testing flanges and forged parts, in order for getting a highest possible quality and increasing the competitiveness of our stainless steel accessories. Regular testing items are diameter and thickness.

  • Quality test
  • Complete measuring tools

The worker is testing fittings and assembling units and recording curvature, diameter and other related data. By doing so, the qualification rate is raised, which in turn ensures the security and reliability of stainless steel pipe components.

  • Sampling inspection
  • Testing details of each workpiece are recorded.
  • Checking thickness
  • Checking surface smoothness
  • Checking thickness of pipe
  • Portable spectrometer
  • UT
  • PT
  • RT