Main types of flanges are slip-on flanges, weld neck flanges, socket weld flanges, loose flanges, flange covers and blind flanges.

Pipe Fittings
This series of products mainly include elbows, bent pipes, reducing pipes, T-branch pipes, four-way pipes, pipe caps and flanged parts.

The forged parts are socket weld elbows, socket weld pipe caps, socket weld T-branch pipes, socket weld four-way pipes, socket weld pipe clamps, saddle-shaped pipe joints and more.

Assembling Units
This series of products include manholes, compensators, sight glasses, flange-hose unit, joints and other special customized fittings.

The four below types of stainless steel products are all applied in pipelines, allowing for smooth, fast and safe liquid transfer. A well-respected reputation has already been built in China and many foreign manufacturers also start pay attention to Dongyang for our economical and reliable pipe components.


After being mould forged, machined and polished, a forging is done. The forging is most often used at the end of pipe for connecting two pipes. Flanges are usually applied in pairs. Two pieces of flanges are inserted with a gasket and then fastened by bolts. For different pressure, different types of flanges and bolts are required. For example, in low-pressure pipeline, threaded flanges are used. For pipelines with a pressure of more than 4 kg, weld flanges are advisable.

  • Stainless steel blind flange
  • Stainless steel socket weld flange
  • Stainless steel slip-on flange
  • Stainless steel butt weld flange
Pipe Fittings

The pipe fittings are mainly utilized for liquid connection, control, diversion and distribution as well as pipe sealing and support. Because thee stainless steel pipe fittings are further processed and produced from pipes, they inherit pipe properties and also show mechanical advantages. The pipe accessories help to save a lot on materials and reduce the cost. According to the connection method, pipe fittings can be classified into sock weld fittings, threaded fittings, flange fittings and welded fittings.

  • Stainless steel pipe fitting
  • 180° stainless steel seamless elbow pipe
  • Stainless steel welded pipe fitting
  • Stainless steel seamless pipe fitting
  • Tee
  • Cross
  • Concentric reducer
  • Eccentric reducer

Forgings are pressed from metals in accordance with different plastic deformation requirements. They are most often used for connecting pipes and provide a safe liquid transfer system. Our diversified types and reliable quality forged components greatly meet regular and special demands for pipe connection.

  • Stainless steel seamless pipe cap
  • Stainless steel T-branch pipe
  • Socket weld 45° elbow
  • Socket weld 90° elbow
  • Stainless steel forgings
  • Stainless steel pipe clamps
  • Eccentric reducer
  • Concentric reducer
Assembling Units

All assembling units undergo such manufacture processes as cold forging, hot forging, turning, pressing and casting. Surface treatment programs are electrogalvanizing, anti-oxidization film covering and polishing. So many programs contribute to the high strength and reliability of stainless steel units. We have a rich inventory of assembling units of different materials and different specifications to meet huge market demands.

  • Stainless steel assembling units
  • Stainless steel gaskets