Our company occupies nearly 80,040 square meters, with a building area of 50,000 square meters, where three manufacturing workshops are established for finish forging and manufacturing flanges and pipe fittings. Every year, our firm produces 3,000 tons of DN15-DN2500 flanges as well as 2,500 tons of DN15-DN2000 pipe fittings.

The forging workshop houses program-controlled natural gas heating furnaces, die forging hammers, kiloton-scale friction screw presses and other domestic and foreign advanced equipment, in order for streamline surface, high uniformity and compact structure.

The flange manufacture workshop completes processes utilizing state-of-the-art CNC lathes and fully-automatic high-speed drilling machine, leading to precise size and smooth surfaces. During the production process, a complete range of testing methods are used to guarantee stable and reliable quality. At Yuanyang Stainless Steel, our quality control department uses very strict and rigorous methods to ensure clients only receive top quality products.

The pipe fittings production facility features CNC sawing machines and CNC plasma cutting machines for high-efficient cuttingOther processing machines include four-post press, elbow mandrel forming machine, three-way hydraulic press, intelligentized solution heat treat furnace, trimming equipment and beveling machine. Professional production equipment effectively improves the fitting surface quality, size precision and manufacturing efficiency. Moreover, thanks to the application of automatic welding equipment, the production efficiency and the welding quality is ensured. We carry out strict quality control in every manufacturing process to provide customers with reliable, quality products.

As Yuanyang Stainless Steel continually develops and re-invents our business, our core philosophies remain intact, including, keeping environmental protection and social responsibility in mind at all times. For example, our acid passivation workshop recently received, the national sewage discharge license and only exhausts treated waste water and waste gas, to realize harmonious development between human, society and the environment.

With an area of 1,000 square meters, this warehouse is the place to store, maintain and repair various piping moulds. Every worker is required to sign up his name when using a mould, guaranteeing safe and appropriate utilization of moulds.

  • Mould warehouse
  • Mould maintenance

All products are made from high-quality raw materials purchased from reliable enterprises. We adopt centralized management to all raw materials, ensuring the final quality of fittings, flanges and forgings.

  • Rod material warehouse
  • pipe material warehouse

Plasma cutting machine
The plasma cutting machine is mainly applied for processing fittings. Taking advantage of high-temperature plasma arc, the cutting machine melts the metal and forms a notch on Plate.

The horizontal NC sawing machine is mainly used for the rough process of flanges and fittings. Finished accessories are placed according to model number and are distinguished by a tag card for next-step process. What’s more, different color cards are used for different material accessories.

  • NC sawing machine
  • Finished accessories

Forging workshop
Built up on an area of 3,000 square meters, the forging workshop is equipped with 1,000-tonnage double-disc friction screw presses and 20 highly-skilled workers, annually producing 3,000 tons of various medium- and small-diameter stainless steel flanges and forgings. Main process steps are: feed material—forging—hardening.

Machining workshop
Workers work in this 5,000 square meters workshop every day, to operate machines for manufacturing a variety of standard stainless steel flanges and forged fittings, with an annual yield of 3,000 tons. Main process steps are rough turning—machining—boring .

Flange manufacture workshop
We bought nearly 30 lathes for roughly processing flange surface.

The CNC lathe is most often used for the finish process of large-diameter flanges and forgings. It guarantees a high final surface quality and achieves a monthly production of 20 tons.

  • CNC lathe
  • Large-size flange is being processed.

Introduced from Taiwan, the NC flange drilling machine needs to be matched with different modules to automatically drill on flanges. After setting the parameters, the drilling machine efficiently works and the final parts have high precision and no scratch on the surface. After bringing in this machine, a lot of labor cost is saved.

  • NC flange drilling machine
  • High-efficiency automatic machine

We have two sets of vertical lathes by a reliable manufacturer, mainly used for turning large-diameter flanges and forging parts.

  • Vertical lathe
  • Turning large-diameter accessories

The vertical lathe is able to handle flanges and forgings with a diameter of 3 meters. During the process, each piece of product will be measured for several times, ensuring the process accuracy.

  • Measuring
  • Skilled worker

Fitting manufacture workshop
The workshop has an area of 10,000 square meters and is staffed with 58 workers. Various kinds of standard stainless steel fittings are produced here, such as elbows, Tees reducers, caps and stub ends. It’s able to produce 2,500 tons of stainless steel products. Main process steps: Feed material—forming—heat treating—shaping—trimming—acid passivation.

The hydraulic extruder is especially designed for producing regular carbon steel and stainless steel Tees. It requires 8 seconds to process small-diameter tees and 20 seconds for large-diameter tees. The Tees are available in diameters from 21mm to 630mm and thickness from 2.5mm to 30mm.

  • Hydraulic extruder for Tees
  • Extruding

The large-scale press comes from China’s famous pipe machine manufacturer and is mainly used to produce large-diameter pipes and thick T-branch pipes, with a monthly production capacity of 50 tons. The maximum pipe diameter is DN500 and the maximum thickness is sch160.

  • 2,500-tonnage four-column press
  • Core pipe parts

The forming machine is used to produce regular elbows, with a forming speed of 18 seconds.

  • LT400 Elbow forming machine
  • Finished elbow

Hardening furnace
The heat treating furnace is applied for solid solution strengthening flanges and fittings. When process, the workpieces are firstly put into special basket and then will be pushed into the furnace by forklift. The heat treating temperature is usually set at 1050+/-10 ℃. After staying in the furnace for proper time (the time is proportional to the workpiece thickness), workers take out the workpieces and put them into cold water for cooling. The heat treating process well eliminates the stress generated during the process, improves crystal structure and enhances corrosion resistant capacity.

Large-scale automatic welder
Yuanyang owns two automatic welding machines for making large-diameter elbows, with a max. process diameter of DN1200. The automatic welder adopts digital control and is configured with electric trailer, telescopic boom, maintenance ladder, arc sensor and welding flux collection device, capable to do various welding processes on pipe fittings with high precision and security

Surface treatment
We utilize shot blasting machine for the surface treatment of pipes, which provides a protective film for workpieces. Such treatment improves the surface quality, impact resistance and appearance of products.

Acid pickling
This process is mainly to remove the oxidation layer and cover a protective film on the pipe surface.

Environmental protection measure
To protect the nature and realize resource recycling, we totally invest 3 million RMB for establishing a process system of waste gases, liquids and dust.